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The Executive Director

Cody Niezgoda

The Dream of AUS

Aus Education Foundation's purpose is to make higher education more accessible to the masses.  Yes we are all eligible for deferred debt arrangements like HECS/HELP but I knew there had to be a better way.

Most scholarship programs are merit based, that is you must achieve something to be entitled which makes them very selective and almost unobtainable (well they sure were for me!).  AUS changes that. Our scholarships are equity based, meaning they are awarded on the basis that university is expensive, simple as that.  How we aim to generate the funds to fulfill these equity scholarship demands is to appeal to the public for tax deductible donations, with a twist.  We are giving the public the option to nominate a preference to who their donation goes!

Students sign up to avoid future debt, Donors start donating to obtain your tax deductions and Federal Government sit back and relax, don’t worry about supporting students AUS has that covered.

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