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The Breakdown

You guessed it smarty pants, AUS is an acronym for Adopt a Uni Student.


We are here to attempt to solve a problem, that problem is the ever crushing debt inflicted on not just starry eyed students, but the federal government in providing higher education assistance. 
The HECS/HELP debt currently sits at over 1 billion dollars!  This is a fair chunk of change which the government's only solution appears to include charging interest on these access loans to attempt to recoup some of the loss over time.  But we here at AUS have a better idea, we are going to appeal to the people to help make a positive change!

Our Mission



We seek donations from the public and allow those expressing their generosity the option to nominate a preference for a student (registered with our organisation) to receive a scholarship.  We then draw from our scholarship fund and apply the funds to the student's university fees.  The student then does not have to rely on HECS/HELP, the federal government no longer has to support a struggling student and the donor receives a tax deduction for their donation.

The Donations

How much of the donation is actually applied

Unlike most charities, our organisation only takes 5% from the donation in fees! The 5% is added to our PayPal invoice which we send you after you complete the donation form and goes towards our administration  costs and to provided scholarships to students who may not have been nominated as a preference.  That’s right, you wont see us on a Current Affair for taking 90% of your donation to pay someone to heckle you in the streets.  You simply fill out the donation form and nominate your preference. Once you submit your donation form we will invoice you for your donation through PayPal. You receive a receipt for your donation to claim on tax. In a matter of minutes you have supported a struggling student, assisted your government to make better use of tax dollars and reduced your taxable income!

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